Shipping Container Homes

We are currently working on a project to develop an affordable and sustainable repurposed shipping container in Walsenburg, Colorado. Check back for updates and contact us if you would be interested in a custom 40ft prefabricated container home. Also ask us about the possibility of two and three bedroom units.

With the green premise growing in popularity across the globe, more and more people are turning to cargo container structures for green alternatives. There are countless numbers of empty, unused shipping containers around the world just sitting on shipping docks taking up space. The reason for this is that it’s too expensive for a country to ship empty containers back to their origin. In most cases, it’s just cheaper to buy new containers from Asia. The result is an extremely high surplus of empty shipping containers that are just waiting to become a home, office, apartment, school, dormitory, studio, emergency shelter, and everything else.

  • We offer full service development of your shipping container home. (Currently only available in select Colorado counties)
  • Local contractors, engineers, and architects bring your idea into reality.



If you have never heard of container home construction check out some great short videos on construction of container homes below:

Example of a Utah developer that did 670 sq ft home for 55 to 60 thousand dollars. (The video is long but great example of basic container construction.)

This is a more complex design but a great example of the process of building on site. It also shows ways you can get creative on un level land.


All photos are examples and are not guaranteed to be to building codes in your area. Please consult with us to discuss whether your local planning and zoning laws allow container homes.


The following is from the Intermodal Steel Building Units Association:

Cheap and Plentiful?
In the beginning, the greatest interest in ISBU Shipping Container homes and construction seemed
to be the need to remove hundreds of thousands of surplus Shipping Containers sitting in U.S. and
other Global ports. By 2005 there were an estimated 700,000 sitting in U.S. ports alone due to the
exploding growth of imports from China.  The second reason for all the interest globally was the low
cost of construction.  Owning a small home or apartment seemed to gather much interest.

But by the end of 2007 the stocks at U.S. ports were reportedly down about 25% and according to
readers and Members of the ISBU Association, the biggest interest now was the incredible strength
and versatility of an ISBU, not the surplus or low cost.

ISBU Shipping Container Homes Are Here To Stay?
After nearly 3 years of much publicity, hype and interest, it seems ISBU construction is not a Fad
but an incredible growing trend.  ...not because of the U.S. and global economy, but because ISBU
modules are so strong, easy to use, and versatile--almost like stacking blocks. 

Although some builders, such as Travelodge build a frame and then insert the ISBU's 8 or more
levels high, other even larger builders such as Container City, SG Blocks, and Tempo Housing, 
are very successful with just stacking them as the ocean shipping companies do, then connect them
to each other.  ...a definite Trend, not a Fad.

Unibody Construction
Although unibody construction is the strongest and most common body architecture in automobiles,
SUV's, yachts, and airplanes today, you may not realize that connecting multiple ISBU shipping
containers together is also unibody construction.  In fact, by connecting multiple ISBU modules 
together, whether multiple one-level, or multiple ten-level, you have created the ultimate unibody
construction unit with far more strength than the already, super stronger container alone.

If you are impressed with the strength and durability of just one ISBU, imagine the incredible strength
when 2, 4, 6, or 100 are connected top, bottom, and sides.  Even with fairly extreme modification and
wall cut outs, the strength of multiple ISBU's is far greater than any conventional home or building.
The total ISBU shipping container structure becomes a single "honeycomb" unit.

The Uses for ISBU  Construction are Absolutely Endless...
  [ see also ISBU Business Opportunities ]

    Storage Boxes- safe, vandal proof
   - Products
   - Instant warehouse
   - Construction supplies
   - Farm equipment
   - Security storage
   - Home storage sheds
  PreFab Construction- pre-modified units
   - Construction offices
   - Work shops, home
   - Work shops, business
   - Sales offices
   - Laboratories
   - Shower modules
   - Restrooms & Toilets
   - Kitchens
   - Canteens
   - Business Kiosks
   - Classrooms
   - Refrigerators / Freezers
   - Emergency Housing
   - Emergency Office
   - Computer Data Centers
   - Garages
   - Recreation Vehicles

  Modular Construction Blocks- multiple container units 
   - Housing, traditional architecture - Housing, low income 
   - Apartments
   - Condominiums
   - Campus housing
   - Mountain homes
   - Trendy homes
   - Office buildings
   - Storage units
   - Multi-car garages
   - Commercial U-Store type storage units
   - Emergency Shelters

  Benefits of ISBU construction-
   - Strongest building construction on the planet
   - Earthquake proof
   - Fire proof
   - Tornado / Hurricane proof
   - Strong non-corrosion Corten steel
   - Extreme security
   - Recyclable - Green construction and modifications
   - Saves trees
   - Unibody construction
   - Ideal for multiple floors and levels
   - Fast construction
   - Insulation: bonds easily with space-age Ceramic insulations
   - Exceeds U.S. Building Codes
   - Easily adapted to Prefab automation
   - Easily adapted to Custom homes
   - Economically covered with traditional stucco, vinyl siding, woods, or brick